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Welcome to the South Gloucestershire School Business Leaders’ Group.

The SGSBL Group was established in July 2017 to bring together business professionals working in all schools within South Gloucestershire.  Our membership continues to grow and we welcome anyone who supports the business function within their school.

This member-only website plays a pivotal role in providing a platform that members can access at any time to answer questions, seek advice, find support and share information.

Thank you for visiting our page and please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out any more information about the group.

Debbie Beazer
Chair & Founder

Aims and Values
  • Share best practice;
  • Organise quality CPD to fit the needs of the School Business Professional;
  • Explore joint procurement opportunities and ways to secure best value;
  • Provide mentoring/support for those new to the role;
  • Help shape the provision of the specialist services provided by South Gloucestershire and it’s trading arm Integra.

As an affiliated group to ISBL (Institute of School Business Leadership) our vision is to promote, embrace, develop and empower the role of the School Business Professional whilst working to secure career progression opportunities and recognition of the contribution we make to education. 

Our Group provides a platform which reaches out to anyone who has responsibility for the business within the schools of South Gloucestershire.  We work together to share ideas, support one another and find ways of improving our practice and the business function for our schools.

The group aims to meet three times a year with an annual conference, but this will always be reflected by the needs of the group. The meetings, Conference and trade fair will provide quality CPD, key speakers, relevant exhibitors and an opportunity for members to network and share some of their own valuable ideas and practice.

The groups’ twitter account allows us to reach out to other business professionals nationally and build upon the growing network of support that is already available but continuing to grow.



Membership of the group is open to anyone working in a South Gloucestershire School supporting the business function. All schools are welcome. An annual fee of £50 per member provides free access to all meetings and conferences and the SGSBL member only website.

If you would like to become a member of our group – please complete our online application HERE

If you would like more information – please use the CONTACT US form.

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